Welcome to Care & Love For all People (Clap) Foundation

Authors of the trust are desirous of constituting a charitable trust called "clap foundation” (care & love for all people) with the main objects to support old age people.

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Our Motto

Giving Care & Love for All People (CLAP).

Our Vision

To make the world “Zero Destitute”.

Our Mission

A mission of Love & Care. We demonstrate out love by extending care to the poorest of the poor, to the people in greatest need, without ulterior motive.

Our Activities

Care & Love For all People with the main objects to support old age people by establishing old age home, to provide food, shelter, clothes, medical assistance, love, complete care, educational help to the poor students & people and to grant scholarship to deserving students, medical help, support to orphanage without any discrimination of caste.

Objectives of Trust

  • To Render Service to the old age People, to Establish an old age Home.
  • To Provide Free Education for old Illiterate People.
  • To Take Care of the Needy Destitute and Elderly People.
  • To Support Poor Students for Their School Fees, Note Books and Uniforms.
  • To Establish and Support Orphanage Homes to Take Care of the Needy, Poor, Destitute, Orphans.
  • To Help Talented Needy Youngsters with their Education and Employment.
  • To Support the Tribal by Providing Basic Needs.
  • To Establish, Run & Maintain a Home for Transgender & Provide job Opportunities for the Same.
  • To Guide Train Demonstrate and Promote Environmentally Sound Farming and Agro Forestry.
  • To Donate Help Whether in Cash or Kind to Other Educational or Charitable Organizations.

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